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Megafounder is the easiest way for projects to continue getting supporters after a funding campaign.

Megafounder is about connecting people with projects to make things happen.


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Our Mission

Most projects don't have a closed timeline: projects evolve and change.

Enabling a sustainable relationship between projects and supporters is the best way to make projects thrive.

That's why Megafounder projects have no deadlines.

We're on a mission to make projects succeed in the long run.

Get creative. Reward your backers.

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We love tech and building better tools for projects –Like Backercamp! We've already helped +2,500 Kickstarter and Indiegogo creators. 


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We are a small, happy team of 5 people based in the wonderful city of Barcelona

At the moment we don't have open positions. But if you're interested in building Megafounder, feel free to contact us, and we can talk about other possibilities.

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About Megafounder

Because projects need work and support long after they reach their Kickstarter deadline, we are building a new way of backing projects.

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