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Most projects don't have a closed timeline: projects evolve and change.

We are building a place that fits the multiple phases of a project, from start to maturity.

Most projects don't have a closed timline: projects evolve and cha

They are already part of Megafounder:

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We think that enabling a sustainable relationship between projects and backers is the best way to make projects thrive.

That's why Megafounder projects have no deadlines.

We're on a mission to make projects succeed in the long run.


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At the moment we don't have open positions, but we'd still love to hear from you!

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We are a small, happy team of 5 people working in the wonderful cities of Barcelona and Sidney.

We love building better tools for creators, like Backercamp! We've already helped +2,800 campaigners. 


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Projects need a lot of work, funding and love, that's why we are building a new way of backing projects.

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"When campaigns succeed, backers get exclusive rewards in exchange for their early support, building a strong relationship between the project and the supporters behind it. So why stop there?"

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