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Our main office is located in beautiful, sunny Barcelona.

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We think that things turn out better when the community is involved.

We are on a mission to reshape the future of funding by bringing creators and people closer together.

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About Megafounder

We provide a platform for producers –small or large– to sell, share, and let others participate in their products.


It's a different way to enjoy art, gadgets, films, technology, books, games, apparel, crafts, comics, music or any other creative goods.

"We eventually found Megafounder, which is a much better suit for our project and the fact that we were looking for development funds. On Megafounder, you don't have a funding deadline, they don't take high platform fees, they pay out on a weekly basis and you can stop the project at any time."

Stephanie Zari - Filmmaker

Fund the Future with Megafounder

It takes a village! Be part of the community that is moving things forward.

Sitpack used Megafounder to keep the project rolling after their successful Kickstarter campaign.

Fund your project's future today – No deadlines!

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We connect creative businesses with a community that is passionate about supporting their future.
With Megafounder relationships grow naturally and the community can fund and follow creators on their journey without worrying about deadlines or minimum goals. Here you will have access to the latest innovations in the arts, journalism, novels, fashion, technology, and much more!
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Fund the Future

Be part of the community that is moving things forward.